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Session 12 - Cosmology, Large-Scale Structure and Distance Scales.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Great Hall,

[12.04] Comparison of Visual Features in the CfA Survey with N-body Simulations Using Statistical Methods

S. P. Bhavsar, R. J. Splinter (U. Kentucky), E. Gauthier (Centre College, KY)

N-body studies have demonstrated that large-scale filamentary features should be commonplace in the universe. We use robust statistical methods to quantify the large scale structures in the CfA wedges and similar wedges extracted from N-body simulations. We investigate the significance of features that are visually prominent, e.g. ``the great wall'' using the Minimal Spanning Tree and a bootstrap related method we call shuffling to evaluate the significance levels of the large-scale features. Comparison of the data from surveys with data extracted from N-body simulations allows us to assess the likelihood that the current picture of large-scale structure formation from gravitational instability is sufficient to form the large-scale visual features present in the redshift surveys.

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