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Session 10 - Spiral Galaxies.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Great Hall,

[10.07] High Resolution HST Images and VLA HI Observations of the Peculiar "Empty" Ring Galaxy IIZw28 and its Newly Discovered Companions

P. N. Appleton, C. Struck, M. A. Bransford (ISU), K. D. Borne (Hughes-STX), R. Lucas (STScI)

We present new B-- and I--band WFPC2 images of the peculiar ring galaxy IIZw28 which show considerable new structure in the ring. The galaxy is interesting because it is one of the few well known ring galaxies without an obvious massive companion. The HST observation and new VLA neutral hydrogen observations show that IIZw28 has a number of newly discovered nearby gas-rich companions. The HI disk around IIZw28 is significantly larger than the optical ring. Plausible scenarios for the formation of the ring will be discussed. Like a similar study of another "empty" ring galaxy VIIZw466, it seems that IIZw28 lies in a small group containing optically faint, but HI rich galaxies.

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