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Session 7 - Gas and Dust in the ISM.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Great Hall,

[7.18] Galactic Anticenter CO Survey: I. l = 178^\circ \sim 185^\circ, and b = 3^\circ.5 \sim 6^\circ

Y. Lee, J. -H. Jung, H. S. Chung, Y. S. Park, H. R. Kim, H. -G. Kim, J. -S. Kim, S. T. Han (Korea Astronomy Observatory)

We have mapped 7^\circ \times 2^\circ.5 region toward Galactic anticenter in ^12CO J=1-0, using the 3 mm SIS receiver on the 14 m telescope at Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO). The region mapped in this poster is the first target of the Galactic AntiCenter CO Survey Project (GACCOS) and was selected comparing with IRAS Sky Survey Atlas (ISSA) images at 100 \mum. The region contains 5 Lynds dark clouds, 3 Lynds bright nebulae and an HII region S241.

Molecular emission of the target area is found to be very extended and is well matching with the FIR emission boundary. There are several pieces of clouds, and as some of spectra show several peaks, there seem to be several clouds blended toward some directions. The Velocity of Local Standard of Rest (VLSR) of the mapped region ranges from -20 to +10 km/s. It is also found that the two cloudlets located around l = 180^\circ have VLSR = -20 km/s, which is very anormalous. The peak antenna temperature of 8 K arises near the HII Region S241, and the average peak antenna temperature of the clouds is \sim 4 K.

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