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Session 7 - Gas and Dust in the ISM.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Great Hall,

[7.02] A New Measurement of the FUV Extinction Curve at High Latitude

T. P. Sasseen, M. Hurwitz, W. V. Dixon, S. Bowyer (CEA/SSL, UCB)

We have used far-ultraviolet spectra of several early-type stars to measure the FUV extinction curve in the wavelength region 900 - 1200 ÅThe spectra were obtained with the Berkeley EUV/FUV spectrometer during the ORFEUS-I mission in 1993. From a sample of 21 stars at high Galactic latitude, we have selected pairs of stars with unambiguous spectral type and different reddening to measure the differential FUV extinction between the two stars. We remove the effects of molecular hydrogen in order to determine the extinction by dust. We then interpret the dust extinction curves using standard grain-size and composition model, and compare our results with earlier findings. This work is supported by NASA grant NAG5-696.

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