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Session 6 - Evolution, Survey and Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Tripp Commons,

[6.17] The Intrinsic Magnetic Field Structure of the Interacting Galaxy Pair V ZW 191

A. Minter (NRAO)

Total intensity and linear polarization maps of V ZW 191 (UGC 01651, 4C 35.03) at 1360, 1427.5, 1507.5 and 1638 MHz using the VLA are presented. V ZW 191 consists of a pair of interacting elliptical galaxies. The radio continuum emission is found to be \sim 6% polarized at 1360 MHz. Maps of the rotation measure and intrinsic magnetic field of V ZW 191 reveal complex structure in both maps. The average observed rotation measure of -65 rad m^-2 is found to be consistent with the observed rotation measures of other nearby extragalactic sources. Large variations of up to 30 rad m^-2 are seen however. The intrinsic magnetic field of V ZW 191 is partially comprised of two distinct areas where the magnetic field lines form closed loops.

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