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Session 6 - Evolution, Survey and Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Tripp Commons,

[6.11] Neutral Hydrogen in the II Zw 70/71 System: the Formation of a Polar Ring?

A. L. Cox, L. Sparke (U. Wisconsin, Madison), E. Brinks (U. de Guanajuato), G. van Moorsel (NRAO)

Aperture synthesis observations in the 21cm line of HI are presented for the galaxy pair II Zw 70/71. II Zw 71 is one of the closest candidate polar-ring galaxies (cz = 1250 km s^-1), in which a ring of gas, dust and stars appear to orbit nearly over the pole of a central disk galaxy. The companion galaxy, II Zw 70, has a very bright blue central disk and irregular jets or plumes in stellar light. Most of the HI appears to belong to one or other of the galaxies, but a contiguous bridge of gas between them contains a significant fraction of the neutral gas. Our HI distribution and velocity field provides a unique opportunity to study what may be a polar ring in the process of formation. The [OI]1302Å\ line has been detected but not resolved in II Zw 70, in observations with the Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph on the HST; we will use our measured HI velocity dispersion to estimate the width of the 1302Å\ line, and hence derive heavy-element abundances in the neutral medium.

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