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Session 5 - High Luminosity AGN.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Tripp Commons,

[5.01] AGN Activity in the Hubble Deep Field

R. M. Jarvis, G. M. MacAlpine, S. R. Lemley (U. Mich.), M. G. Smith (CTIO)

A preliminary search of the Hubble Deep Field for AGN activity suggests a reasonable number of sources. Locations in the B-V versus V-I (HDF filter colors: F450W = B, F606W = V, F814W = I) plane are used for distinguishing AGN spectral emission from that of Galactic halo stars or stellar populations in other galaxies. A collection of measurements with B-V > 2.8 and V-I < 0 may be considered candidates for AGN activity at redshifts near 4. Some of these have point-like morphology; yet Galactic stars would not lie in this area of the diagram. In addition, there are numerous measurements which fall in another region away from external galaxy stellar populations, with 1.5 < B-V < 5 and V-I > 1. Most of these group near where Galactic M stars could be expected, but a few may be considered candidates for AGN sources with redshifts > 5.

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