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Session 3 - Clusters.
Display session, Monday, June 10
Tripp Commons,

[3.10] ASCA Observation of the Pleiades

G. P. Garmire, A. B. Garmire (Penn State Univ.), H. Tsunemi (Osaka Univ.)

The results of an ASCA observation of the X-ray emission

from several X-ray bright stars in the Peiades, a galactic star cluster, will be presented. spectra were obtained for the stars Hz1384, Hz1032 and Hz253. X-ray fluxes and hardness ratios for five other stars were recorded, but insufficient counts were obtained to determine their spectra. The star Hz253 was observed to flare for over two hours during one pointing. The entire observation was split into four pointings with off-sets to ensure that the gaps between CCD detectors would not fall on a star image. This work was supported in part by Penn State Fund 100D and in part by NASA contract NAS 8-38252.

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