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Session 122 - The Sun.
Oral session, Thursday, January 18
Salon del Rey South, Hilton

[122.07] Physical Properties of the Polar Corona as Observed with the SPARTAN 201 Coronagraph, 8 - 10 September, 1995

M. Guhathakurta (CUA/GSFC), R. Fisher (NASA/GSFC)

Physical conditions and characteristics of polar coronal rays and polar coronal holes are derived from white light coronagraph observations obtained during the SPARTAN 201-03 mission, which operated during the period 8 - 10 September 1995. Many of these features are also observed using the Mauna Loa ground based K-coronameter, which is located on the island of Hawaii. Densities and scale height temperatures of these polar ray structures are estimated from both brightness and polarized brightness measurements made with the CCD detector of the SPARTAN coronagraph system. These results are compared with similar estimates made at the time of the SPARTAN 201-01 mission in April of 1993.

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