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Session 114 - GONG.
Oral session, Thursday, January 18
La Condesa, Hilton

[114.02] First Scientific Results from the GONG Helioseismology Network

J. Toomre (JILA, University of Colorado)

The GONG helioseismology project involves a broad international collaboration among experimentalists and theoreticians keenly interested in studying the internal dynamics and structure of our nearest star. Much of the scientific work is being done by teams of GONG members working together to assess the scientific inferences that can be drawn from the nearly continuous Doppler imaging of the sun that is now available from this network of identical instruments. Though the primary helioseismic data deals with the frequencies and their splittings for the nearly half-million global acoustic modes detectable with the GONG instruments, the data also allows study of how wave fields are locally influenced by flows and magnetic structures below the solar surface, and further provides direct measures of larger-scale flows at the surface. We shall review some of the preliminary scientific results obtained by the teams through inversion of the frequency data obtained from the early operation of the full network, dealing with assessment of differential rotation profiles with depth and latitude deduced from inversion of frequency splittings and of the sound speed profiles, and thus mean structure deduced from the basic mode frequencies. Early results will also be presented concerning nearly steady surface flows, and of magnetic effects seen in the wave fields.

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