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Session 113 - Observations of the Circumstellar Environment of YSOs.
Oral session, Thursday, January 18
Corte Real, Hilton

[113.06] Proper Motions of Circumstellar Water Masers

K. B. Marvel (NRAO and NMSU)

I present results from my dissertation work on circumstellar water masers, including the first measured proper motions for these sources. Three epochs of observation of the stars S Per, IK Tau, NML Cyg, RX Boo, VX Sgr, VY CMa, and U Her with the VLBA show that proper motions of circumstellar \/\/ water masers can be measured with relative ease. Motions of several milliarcseconds over a year are common in these sources. Preliminary model fits indicate most sources can be represented by ellipsoidal shell-like distributions. Further analysis will yield estimates on the distances to these objects, limits on the physical conditions in the shells, and perhaps structural information of the maser spots themselves. I would like to acknowledge the support of a NRAO pre-doctoral fellowship which enabled the completion of my PhD.

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