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Session 113 - Observations of the Circumstellar Environment of YSOs.
Oral session, Thursday, January 18
Corte Real, Hilton

[113.02] Diffraction Limited 3.8 \mum Imaging of Obscured Outflow Sources

D. A. Weintraub (Vanderbilt University), J. H. Kastner (MIT Center for Space Research), I. Gatley, K. M. Merrill (NOAO)

We used the new high spatial resolution observing mode (DLIRIM) of the Kitt Peak near-infrared Cryogenic Optical Bench on the 2.1-m and 4-m telescopes to detect and determine the locations of the powering sources of four protostellar outflows. Images made on the 4-m telescope with 0.1 arcsecond pixels at 3.8 \mum of AFGL 437, IRAS 00338+6312, and the NGC 7129 core demonstrate that, in each case, a young stellar object lies at the position predicted for the outflow sources on the basis of near-infrared polarimetric imaging at 2.2 \mum. In confirming the polarimetric positions, the 3.8 \mum detections likely rule out the identifications of nearby, optically bright pre-main sequence stars as the outflow sources. The 3.8 \mum sources in AFGL 437 (WK 34) and in the NGC 7129 core (PSs 1) display nebulosity in DLIRIM images, confirming that each illuminates outflow cavities. We also present images of HL Tauri obtained over the wavelength range from 1.25 through 5.02 \mum, with 0.2 arcsecond pixels on the 2.1-m telescope. We will discuss whether these images confirm our earlier determination (also from near-IR polarimetric mapping) that the protostellar source is not located at the 2.2 \mum intensity peak and that, even at 2.2 \mum, scattering dominates over direct photospheric emission from HL Tauri.

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