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Session 111 - X-Ray Observations of Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[111.02] X-ray Emission from Radio Galaxies in Rich Clusters

M. Bliton, E. Rizza, J. Pinkney, J. O. Burns (NMSU)

We will present preliminary results of a study of the X-ray emission coincident with radio galaxies in fourteen Abell clusters. Recently, Edge and Röttgering (1995) studied X-ray emission in the vicinities of head-tail radio galaxies, and found that the X-ray emission exists near radio galaxies, but this emission is unresolved. This led them to conclude that the emission is probably due to galaxy nuclear emission, and not thermal emission from the cluster gas. Our analysis of the ROSAT PSPC hard-band X-ray data for these clusters shows significant substructure in the clusters as a whole, as well as resolved emission around several of the radio galaxies. Since the X-ray emission is resolved, it is most likely thermal emission from the cluster gas, in a potential well centered on the radio source. Our results will include: significance of X-ray detections around tailed radio sources, sizes and luminosities of the X-ray sources, examination of galaxy velocities around the extended emission to look for high velocity dispersions, and inspection of the radio and optical counterparts for sub-cluster candidates. We will also discuss possible origins for the exteded X-ray emission around the radio galaxies. This research was funded by NSF grant AST93-17596 and NASA grant NAGW-3152.

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