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Session 111 - X-Ray Observations of Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[111.01] High Resolution X-Ray Images of Distant Abell Clusters as Probes for Cluster Evolution

E. Rizza, M. Ledlow, J. O. Burns (NMSU), F. Owen (NRAO)

We will present preliminary results from ROSAT HRI observations of the three distant Abell clusters A0209, A2507, and A2667. We calculated the cluster X-ray parameters (core radius, beta, central densities and cooling times from deprojection of the surface brightness profiles) for comparison with nearby clusters. We also searched for X-ray substructure within the cluster emission for all three clusters as expected from models which explain the evolution of the X-ray luminosity function via cluster/subcluster mergers. We will compare the observed X-ray properties of these clusters with those produced from Hydro/N-body simulations. These clusters are part of a larger sample of 74 distant, z \geq 0.2, X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies which we are studying in an ongoing investigation in the evolution of clusters of galaxies. This research was funded by NSF grant AST93-17596 and NASA grant NAGW-3152.

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