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Session 110 - Imaging of Cluster Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[110.05] WFPC2 Imaging of the Nuclear Regions of Cooling Flow Ellipticals

J. Pinkney, J. A. Holtzman, C. Garasi (NMSU), W. Idt

We have obtained broadband, two-color imaging of the centers of cD galaxies in the Abell clusters 496, 1795, 2029, and 2597. These cD's are centered in cooling flows which are speculated to contribute to observed blue colors via star formation. Our color images reveal blue filaments and knots at locations where radio-coincident ``blue lobes" have previously been detected (e.g., McNamara amp; O'Connell 1993). Overlays of radio source contours show that the bluish regions boarder the lobes of the radio doubles. In A1795, the radio lobes are closely nestled in an irregular dust lane. We measure the dust mass to be at least 5\times 10^5 M_ødot. The difference in absorption in the two bands is greater than one would expect using a galactic extinction law. Also, we expect substantial foreground light, so our mass estimate is a lower limit. We compare the ISM in our cDs to those of other ellipticals observed by HST.

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