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Session 107 - Open Clusters.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[107.10] Detection of Delta Scuti variables in NGC 6633

R. L. Schutt (S F Austin State U)

The SFASU Observatory is beginning a long term project to detect new Delta Scuti variables in open clusters of various ages and compositions. Data have been gathered and analyzed for NGC 6633 partially following the methods outlined by Gilliland 1992 and Newberry 1991 and references therein. The observations were acquired using a Photometrics, Ltd. Star-1 CCD Camera mounted to the 0.46 m telescope at the Stephen F. Austin St. Univ. Observatory. All data were obtained through a V filter for this first cluster but will be followed by multi-filter observations of this cluster and others. NGC 6633 is a bright, loose cluster of approximately 30 stars with 'V' magnitudes between 8 and 13. The cluster is approximately 600 million years old and 300 pc away. Light curves and period searching results will be presented.

References Gilliland R.L. and Brown T.M., 1992, PASP, 104, 582. Newberry M.V., 1991, PASP, 103, 122.

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