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Session 107 - Open Clusters.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[107.09] Variable Star Detection in the Open Cluster NGC 7686

N. L. Markworth (S F Austin State U)

The SFASU Observatory is beginning a long term project to detect new Delta Scuti variables in open clusters. The cluster NGC 7686 was selected as an initial test because a) star density is rather low, b) a 6.4 magnitude star is well placed to be used as a guide star with the SBIG ST-4 tracker, and c) previous work of this type for this cluster exists (Peniche and Pena 1987). Standard V and R frames were obtained over three nights using a Photometrics, Ltd. Star-1 camera attached to the CompuScope FW-1 filter wheel on the automated 46-cm telescope. These data were reduced in the usual way using Mira from Axiom Research, Inc. Results of the variable star search will be presented.

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