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Session 104 - Accretion-Powered X-Ray Sources.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[104.05] Correlated Optical Spectrophotometry and X-Ray Observations of Scorpius X-1

N. L. King, B. J. McNamara, T. E. Harrison, M. Templeton (NMSU), R. M. Wagner (OSU)

We present correlated optical spectrophotometry and 7-14 keV X-ray data for the low-mass X-ray binary Sco X-1. Two hundred and seventy optical spectra were obtained over a two week period during May 1994. We compare the behavior of the optical continuum level to the X-ray flux through several cycles of activity exhibited by Sco X-1. We note the correlation between the ionization states and the level of X-ray emission. We examine how these data impact current models that explain the behavior of Sco X-1.

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