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Session 103 - Cool Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[103.21] Thoughts on new FUV spectra of \alpha Virginis and the Voyager UVS calibration

E. Wilkinson (CASA), D. C. Slater (SwRI), J. C. Green (CASA), S. A. Stern (SwRI)

We have acquired three far ultraviolet spectra of the star \alpha Virginis using a sounding rocket spectrograph. Two spectra were acquired for use as an inflight calibration of the effective area and the third spectrum was accumulated during a recent observation of the occultation of \alpha Virginis by the Moon. Each spectrum covers a range of approximatly 800-1100Å\ and supports a resolution ranging between 1 and 4Ådepending upon the spectrum.

In this poster we present the three data sets and describe the experimental aspects of each spectrum. The preflight laboratory calibration data for each observation is compared with the inflight calibration derived using the different far ultraviolet spectra published for \alpha Virginis and the consistency of the Voyager UVS spectrum of \alpha Virginis with the new rocket data is evaluated. Preliminary analysis of the evidence supports the accuracy of the Voyager UVS calibration, especially below 1200 Åwhere previous observations have brought into question the accuracy of the Voyager UVS calibration.

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