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Session 103 - Cool Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[103.12] An Exploratory Model Atmosphere for the Brown Dwarf Gl229B

P. H. Hauschildt, F. Allard, D. R. Alexander (ASU, WSU)

We present an exploratory convective model atmosphere and synthetic spectrum for the cool brown dwarf Gl229B recently discovered by Nakajima et al (1995). The model is computed using the multi-purpose stellar atmosphere code Phoenix with a special implementation of condensation rates and grain opacities (Alexander amp; Ferguson 1994), an H_3^+ line list by Neale amp; Tennyson (1995), and the combined HITRAN (Rothman et al, 1992) and GEISA (Husson et al, 1992) planetary data bases.

The synthetic spectrum is compared to the available spectroscopic and photometric observations of Gl229B. We investigate in particular the effects of grain condensation and opacities, and some alternatives to the incompleteness of the considered CH4 line list. By discussing the inferred structure and spectrum of Gl229B, we provide some insights and guidelines for future studies of this brown dwarf in different spectral ranges. Model atmospheres, synthetic spectra and colors presented here will be made available upon request. This research is partially supported by a NASA LTSA grant to ASU and an NSF grant AST-9217946 to WSU.

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