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Session 102 - Pulsating Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[102.08] BV Photometry of the RR Lyrae Variables in the Globular Cluster M3

T. M. Corwin (UNC Charlotte), B. W. Carney (UNC Chapel Hill), D. M. Allen (UNC Charlotte)

We have 200 BV pairs of M3 taken on the Kitt Peak 0.9-m telescope over an interval of two years. The field of view is 23' X 23'. We present preliminary results for approximately 160 RR Lyraes. New ephemerides are computed and V, B, and B-V light curves are given. We intend make detailed measurements of the timings of the peak of the pre-minimum bumps in the light curve relative to the time of minimum radius for the stars, and thus differentiate between competing physical models for the cause of the bump. If an echo of the previous minimum radius pressure wave, the timing of the bumps will provide a look at horizontal branch interiors. We also intend to locate the variables on a CMD and compare this with the location of the same variables on an effective temperature- magnitude diagram to determine the extent to which the RRab and RRc variables overlap with each other and with the nonvariable horizontal branch.

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