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Session 102 - Pulsating Stars.
Display session, Thursday, January 18
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[102.03] The Macho Project LMC Variable Star Inventory: The Cepheid Catalog

D. R. Alves (UC Davis/LLNL), C. Alcock, K. H. Cook (LLNL), R. A. Allsman (ANUSF), T. S. Axelrod (MSSSO/LLNL), K. C. Freeman, B. A. Peterson, A. W. Rodgers (MSSSO), A. C. Becker, C. W. Stubbs (CfPA/U Washington), D. P. Bennett (CfPA/LLNL), K. Griest, J. Guern, M. J. Lehner (CfPA/UCSD), S. L. Marshall, M. R. Pratt (CfPA/UCSB), P. J. Quinn (ESO), W. Sutherland (Oxford), D. Welch (McMaster)

The Macho Collaboration has monitored 9 million LMC stars over a three year period searching for gravitational microlensing events. Thousands of variable stars have been identified and cataloged in order to characterize the microlensing event background. The year one database contains blue and red lightcurves for nearly 1500 Cepheids, most newly discovered, distributed across 11 square degrees of the LMC bar. The Macho instrumental magnitudes have been calibrated to the standard Cousins V and R system. We present the Macho Cepheid Catalog including the spatial distribution of these variables in the LMC, correlations with known clusters, and correlations with previously discovered Cepheids. Work performed under the auspices of the USDOE at LLNL under contract no. W-7405-ENG-48.

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