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Session 97 - Supernovae.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 17
Salon del Rey Central, Hilton

[97.04] The Role of Mixing on the Appearance of Type Ib and Type Ic Supernovae Spectra

R. G. Eastman (LLNL), S. E. Woosley (UCSC and LLNL)

We have calculated and will present both maximum light and nebular phase non-LTE spectra of the Type Ib/c models by Woosley, Langer amp; Weaver (1995, ApJ \bf448, 315). These models are He cores with initial masses in the range 4 to 20 \Msun\ which have had their H-rich envelopes removed and were further evolved with a mass dependent mass loss prescription to produce final core masses of 2.3-3.5 \Msun\ and ejected He masses of 0.21-0.64 \Msun. The light curves of several models are in reasonable agreement with observed SNe Ib and SNe Ic. Their maximum light spectra compare well with observations of, in some cases, SNe Ib, and in other cases, SNe Ic, but which it is depends on the amount by which ^56Ni is mixed outward. Our results indicate that the He abundance in SNe Ic's could be larger than previously estimates have put it, although they do not require it.

This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract number W-7405-ENG-48, and at UCSC through the supported of the NASA Theory Program (NAGW-2525) and the National Science Foundation (AST-9115367).

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