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Session 94 - Large-Scale Structure: Observations and Theory.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 17
Corte Real, Hilton

[94.03] Large scale structure, morphological segregation and emission line objects in three regions of the sky

S. M. Hall (U. New Mexico Institute for Astrophysics)

We determine the large scale structure in three regions of the sky. The populations of these regions are then compared in terms of morphological segregation, luminosity functions and relative numbers of emission line galaxies. We find that the two regions which contain filamentary structures have greater numbers of early type galaxies and relatively fewer faint objects than the region with only field galaxies. We find that the three field populations have luminosity funtions which are flatter than those of the two filament populations. We find overall that the percentage of active galaxies does not seem to depend on environment, but that the percentage of star forming galaxies is greater in the filamentary regions than in the field.

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