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Session 90 - Supernovae, Supernovae Remnants and Planetary Nebulae.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 17
Salon del Rey Central, Hilton

[90.03] G159.6--18.5: A Dust-Embedded Supernova Remnant?

T. A. Pauls (NRL)

G159.6-18.5 is a probable supernova remnant embedded in an interstellar dust cloud. This object appears on the IRAS sky plates as a nearly complete ring of emission, which is brightest at 100 \mum. The entire ring has a diameter of about 75', and contains regions of enhanced emission in several bright knots around the rim as well as in the center. We have made observations of this object in the CO(1\rightarrow0) line as well as continuum observations with the VLA and the Effelsberg 100-m radio telescope. The remarkable result of these observations is that the shell is filled with non-thermal radiation with a spectral index of about -0.7. Since the non-thermal radiation is confined to the interior of the shell, we suspect that the shell is material that has been swept up by an expanding shock wave. We note that, at b = -18.5\deg, this object has the highest galactic latitude of any known supernova remnant.

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