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Session 85 - Quasar Absorption Line Systems.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[85.01] Starlight Correlated with Damped Lyman Alpha Absorbers: Progress Reports on Four Candidate Fields for Keck Spectroscopy

C. J. Hogan, D. R. Ingram (Univ. Wash.)

We have taken deep g-, r- and K-band images of three fields around Damped Lyman Alpha absorbers at z \geq 3.4 using the Double Imaging Spectrograph and the 3.5m telescope at Apache Point Observatory. Using the broad-band colors as a guide to select objects in the field that may be suffering absorption below the Lyman limit at this redshift, we are using a multi-slit technique to obtain low resolution spectra for promising objects in the fields of PC 0201+113, PC 0953+4749 and PC 1301+4747 and will propose follow-up spectra for the best candidates at Keck.

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