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Session 84 - QSOs and BL Lacs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[84.15] Fe II Emission as a Probe in Radio Loud Quasars

K. L. Thompson, B. J. Wills, M. S. Brotherton, D. Wills (U.T. Austin), H. Netzer (Tel Aviv U.), J. A. Baldwin (CTIO), R. F. Carswell (IOA), G. J. Ferland (U. Ky)

The HST sample of radio loud quasars was designed to investigate the relationship between orientation and emission line and spectral energy distribution properties, in order to understand the structure and physics of the nuclear environment. The data consist of complete spectra of 61 low to moderate redshift objects from Ly\alpha through [O III]\lambda5007, selected to match core and lobe dominated objects of similar luminosity.

We present early results of work in progress on UV and optical Fe II properties. Since each quasar spectrum is complete and the luminosities carefully matched, we avoid several potential problems with other such studies where luminosity and/or redshift correlations affect the apparent line ratio correlations. Several models are compared with the results.

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