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Session 84 - QSOs and BL Lacs.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[84.02] Optical Microvariability Detected for the Blazar 3C 66A

H. R. Miller, J. C. Noble (Ga. St. Univ.)

As part of an ongoing program to survey a large sample of blazars for the presence of microvariability, the blazar 3C 66A was observed on six nights between 1989 and 1994. Microvariability was clearly evident on four of those six nights. Night-to-night variations, typically with an amplitude of approximately 0.1 mag., was also present. The microvariations (intraday variations) are consistent with these variations simply being extensions of the night-to-night trends which were observed. No well-defined, discrete events were detected in the observed microvariations. This work was supported in part a GSU CIF grant, and by grants from NASA (NAGW-4397) and the Research Corporation.

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