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Session 82 - Globular Clusters.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[82.16] Two Body Elastic Collision Integral

H. Chiu, H. Chiu (GSFC)

We have evaluated the most general form of nonrelativistic energy transfer rate collision integral \epsilon =\int f_1(p_1)d^3p_1\int f_2(p_2)d^3p_2\int \triangle E \sigma v dØmega(\theta,\phi) where (\vecp_1,\vecp_2), (\vecp_1',\vecp_2') and (\vecv_1,\vecv_2), (\vecv_1',\vecv_2') are respectively the momenta and velocities of the two particles of masses m_1,m_2 before and after collision, whose differential distribution functions are f_1(p_1) and f_2(p_2) and \triangle E =E(p_1'-E(p_1)=-[E(p_2')-E(p_2)] is the energy transfer, v=|\vecv_1-\vecv_2|=|\vecv_1'-\vecv_2'|. \sigma is the differential scattering cross section and dØmega(\theta,\phi) is the solid angle element in the direction (\theta,\phi). Our result covers all types of cross sections which can be expressed as a series containing a_nmv^nP_m(\cos \theta) where -\infty

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