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Session 82 - Globular Clusters.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[82.13] New Metallicities and Velocities for M31 Globular Clusters

P. Seitzer, K. R. Banas (University of Michigan), T. Armandroff (NOAO)

New metallicities and radial velocities have been obtained for a large sample of M31 globular clusters from spectra of the near infrared CaII triplet. The median 1 sigma error of the metallicities is less than 0.2 dex, and the radial velocities have a 1 sigma error of 8 km/sec. For clusters with projected distances more than 12 kpc from the center of M31, the histogram of metallicities is bimodal, with the two peaks at values similar to those for our Galaxy. For the inner clusters (projected separation from the center of less than 4.2 kpc) the metallicity distribution is dominated by metal rich systems. We compare these results with studies of the Galactic globular cluster system, and with earlier studies of the M31 cluster system.

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