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Session 79 - CVs and Novae.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[79.14] Structure in the Early Stages of Nova Cas 1995: Evolution from Spectropolarimetry

J. J. Johnson, N. E. B. Zellner, W. Ager, K. S. Bjorkman, J. Hanson, S. Pozdell, M. Putman (UW-Madison, SAL)

We obtained a series of spectropolarimetric observations of Nova Cas 1995 at the Wisconsin Pine Bluff Observatory. We began the observations a week after discovery and continued them at intervals afterwards. We see time-dependent polarization and position angle variations, as well as variations in the polarization through the H\alpha line. This implies both intrinsic polarization and temporal variations in the structure of the nova ejecta. We present estimates for the degree of asphericity required to explain the intrinsic polarization.

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