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Session 71 - Space Astronomy in the Next Millennium.
Display session, Wednesday, January 17
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[71.14] CHIEFS: Cosmological Helium Isotope EUV Feature Spectrometer

J. Hibschman, M. Hurwitz, R. Stern (CEA/UCB)

We discuss the mission concept ``CHIEFS,'' a two-channel, high resolution, extreme-ultraviolet spectrometer designed to measure the cosmologically important ^3He/^4He ratio in the local interstellar medium. An overall instrument layout is presented, with raytraces of the twin Wadsworth optical system. We evaluate the integration times required for potential CHIEFS targets, and show sample absorption line profiles calculated from recent HST\/ observations. Secondary science goals, including high resolution observations of stellar coronae/chromospheres, are discussed, and outstanding technical considerations are presented. This work is supported by NASA grant NAGW-4773.

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