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Session 67 - Cosmic Microwave Background.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 16
Salon del Rey North, Hilton

[67.04] Planetary Calibrations for CMBR Measurements: New Observations by MSAM

M. S. Kowitt, E. S. Cheng, J. L. Puchalla, R. F. Silverberg (GSFC), C. A. Inman, S. S. Meyer (U of Chic.), D. A. Cottingham (GST), D. J. Fixsen (ARC), J. R. Ruhl (UCSB), L. Knox (CITA)

During the June 1995 flight of the Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurment (MSAM), observations were made of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Preliminary results of those observations will be reported, with a discussion of the systematic effects which will ultimately limit such calibrations for microwave background experiments.

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