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Session 67 - Cosmic Microwave Background.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 16
Salon del Rey North, Hilton

[67.03] A Statistical Comparison of the First Two Flights of the Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurement (MSAM)

C. A. Inman, S. S. Meyer (U of Chic.), J. L. Puchalla, E. S. Cheng, M. S. Kowitt, R. F. Silverberg (GSFC), L. A. Page (Princeton), D. A. Cottingham (GST), D. J. Fixsen (ARC), J. R. Ruhl (UCSB)

The Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurement (MSAM) made successive observations of a common patch of sky in the spring of 1992 and 1994, for the purpose of determining the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Anisotropy at half-degree scales. Although the previously published analysis of the 1992 data neglected correlations introduced by drift removal, we account for for them here with a reanalysis of the 1992 data. A statistical comparison of the two flights is shown, and the implications for past and future CMB experiments are discussed.

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