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Session 65 - ISM in Nearby Galaxies.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 16
Salon del Rey South, Hilton

[65.03] The Density and Temperature of Molecular Clouds in M33

C. D. Wilson (McMaster), C. E. Walker (Arizona), M. D. Thornley (Maryland)

We have observed 7 molecular clouds in the nearby spiral galaxy M33 in the ^12CO J=2-1 and J=3-2 lines and the ^13CO J=2-1 line with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. The molecular clouds sample a wide range of star forming environments, from the brightest HII region in M33 to clouds with no optical H\alpha emission. These data will be combined with published J=1-0 observations to determine the density and temperature of the molecular clouds and look for correlations with the local star formation environment. These data will be helpful in assessing the reliability of physical quantities, such as density and temperature, determined from CO observations of more distant galaxies, for which it is presently impossible to study individual molecular clouds.

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