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Session 58 - Gamma Rays & Cosmic Rays.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 16
Salon del Rey South, Hilton

[58.03] The Inverse-Compton and Extragalactic Components of the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission

A. Chen, J. Dwyer, P. Kaaret (Columbia U.)

We present spectra of the inverse-Compton and extragalactic components of the high-energy gamma-radiation based on an analysis of the emission at high galactic latitudes (\vertb\vert \geq 30\deg). We correlate the gamma-ray intensity with a model consisting of an isotropic component, a component proportional to the 408 MHz synchrotron radiation, and a component proportional to atomic hydrogen (H I) column density with different emissivities in eight galactic octants. The spectrum of gamma-radiation that is correlated with the H I column density indicates that this component originates in cosmic-ray/matter interactions. The cosmic-ray electrons which produce the 408 MHz radio continuum emission also produce gamma-radiation through inverse-Compton interactions with interstellar photons. By correlating the gamma-radiation with the 408 MHz continuum, we measure the spectrum and absolute intensity of the IC emission. The isotropic component gives us the spectrum and intensity of the extragalactic gamma-radiation. We discuss interpretation of the extragalactic spectrum.

This work was supported in part by NASA Grant NAG 5-2235.

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