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Session 56 - Active Galaxies: The Central Engine.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 16
Corte Real, Hilton

[56.06] Near-Infrared Emission-Line Spectrum of NGC 1068

D. E. Osterbrock, J. P. Fulbright (UCO/LO/UCSC)

Relative line-flux measurements are given of the Seyfert 2, "hidden-BLR" galaxy NGC 1068 in the near-infrared spectral region \lambda\lambda7000 - 10830. They are corrected approximately for extinction in a ``one-layer'' model, and are discussed in terms of ionization and energy-input, particularly in the high-ionization regions in which [Fe XI] \lambda7892 and \mbox[S VIII] \lambda9913 are emitted. The need for new calculations of collision strengths for these and other similar ions is emphasized, based on current quantum-mechanical methods using large numbers of multi-configuration wave functions.

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