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Session 54 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[54.10] Wavelet Analysis of Large Scale Structure

J. K. Minske (U. Michigan), R. Watkins (Dartmouth Coll.), H. Feldman (Princeton U.), K. Freese (U. Michigan)

The existance and behavior of structures in the luminous matter distribution is an excellent diagnostic of conditions in the early universe, so it is imperative to extract as much information as possible from the density field. We introduce a method of identifying structures using wavelet analysis, which, without smoothing and without bias, can simultaneously probe both the spatial and scale aspects of a matter distribution; we use this method to classify structures according to both size and position. After testing this technique on simulated data, we apply the method to the LP and QDOT surveys, and present a catalog of the structures in these regions. Further, in order to measure the extent of clustering in these catalogs, we must choose a statistical approach that takes advantage of the two-dimensionality of our data. We present one technique, the correlation surface, which gives us a scale-by-scale insight into the spatial distribution of luminous matter.

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