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Session 54 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[54.07] The Peculiar Velocity Field in the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster

D. A. Dale (Cornell), J. P. Gardner (U. Washington, Seattle), R. Giovanelli (Cornell)

The three-dimensional deviations from the Hubble Flow are calculated for the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster, using as input data positions and redshifts of a sample of \sim 5000 galaxies. The solution for this peculiar velocity field is derived via an iterative numerical method. Initially the galaxies are positioned at their redshift velocities; a density field is derived and from it a peculiar velocity field is computed. This allows a velocity correction to be applied to the redshift field, from which a new density field is derived, and so on. Convergence is reached within a few iterations; the final ``true'' positions in radial velocity-space are taken to be the observed redshift minus the convergent peculiar values. Preliminary comparisons with an observationally derived radial peculiar velocity field show rough agreement between the fields. Since the peculiar velocities numerically derived are a function of the cosmological density parameter and the ``bias parameter! '' b, a more detailed compariso

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