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Session 53 - Surveys of Galaxies & Clusters.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[53.06] Optical Luminosity Function Of An HI-Selected Galaxy Sample

D. Sprayberry, F. Briggs, M. Zwaan (Kapteyn Laboratorium)

Drift scan surveys with the Arecibo Telescope along two constant declination strips have produced a sample of 61 galaxies selected purely by HI 21 cm line emission. This sample is complete to well-determined limits of 21 cm flux, and is not subject to the optical surface brightness selection biases that plague optically selected samples of galaxies. We present here the optical luminosity function for these galaxies and compare that luminosity function to those determined from traditional optically selected samples. We discuss the implications of this luminosity function for estimates of the local number and mass density in low surface brightness objects. We also present a preliminary bivariate optical luminosity/HI mass distribution function.

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