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Session 48 - Spiral & Field Galaxies.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[48.02] Extensive Spiral Structure and Corotation Resonance

B. Canzian (USRA and USNO)

Spiral density wave theories demand that grand design spiral structure be bounded, at most, between the inner and outer Lindblad resonances of the spiral pattern. The locations of the resonances are at radii whose ratios to each other are almost independent of the shape of the rotation curve. Values of the ratios are far from the canonical values only if the pattern speed is relatively large. By measuring the inner and outer extent of spiral structure in a given grand design spiral galaxy, it is possible to assess whether it is likely that the corotation resonance is within the bright optical disk. Studying such galaxies can teach us how the action of resonances sculpts the appearance of spiral disks. This poster reports the results of applying the resonance ratio tests to 160 spiral galaxies. It lists candidates with a good chance of having the corotation resonance radius within the bright optical disk.

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