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Session 47 - Microlensing.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[47.09] Time Delay Observations of the Gravitational Lens MG0414+053 at 8 GHz

C. B. Moore, J. N. Hewitt (MIT)

The gravitational lens MG0414+053 is a well established lens candidate for which much observational and lens modelling work has been done. Detection of a time delay in this system would allow for more tightly constrained models of the lensing potential and a measurement of the angular diameter distance to the lens. Such measurements can be used to probe the angular diameter distance--redshift relation on large scales thereby revealing information about cosmological parameters (Ømega_0, \Lambda, and H_0). We report on the results of an 82 epoch time delay observation of the gravitational lens MG0414+053 at 8 GHz that was carried out at the VLA during the period 9 Mar 1994--1 Jan 1995.

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