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Session 44 - Circumstellar Material.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[44.07] Simulations of Shock-Cloud Interactions

T. J. Gaetz (SAO)

Much work has been done on studying the interaction of blast waves with interstellar clouds, particularly the engulfing of small spherical clouds, and there is a reasonably solid understanding of the gasdynamics involved. Considerably less work has been done in modeling the phases as the cloud shock becomes radiative, especially for larger nonspherical clouds. I present preliminary results for numerical simulations of the interaction of a blast wave with a nonspherical cloud and the development of a radiative cloud shock. Radiative cooling is approximated by a time-independent isobaric cooling function with cosmic abundances; complete preionization is assumed. The simulation is a 2D PPM calculation in cartesian coordinates. It is a moderately high resolution calculation (o(10) cells per cooling length for the main cloud shock). The results are compared to a similar nonradiative calculation; the dependence on the sharpness of the cloud edge is also explored.

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