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Session 44 - Circumstellar Material.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[44.02] Narrow Filter Band Imaging of the Crab Nebula

D. A. Leahy, M. Mazur (U. Calgary)

Narrow band filter images of the Crab Nebula were acquired in H\alpha and three wavelengths (4363, 4959 and 5007 Angstroms) of [OIII] using the Burrell Schmidt telescope of the Kitt Peak National Observatory. The processed images in the four filter bands are presented. A map of the line ratio: ([OIII]4959+[OIII]5007])/[OIII]4363 was computed, then converted to an electron temperature map. The correlation of temperature with the filamentary structure in the Crab Nebula is explored.

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