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Session 43 - Binary Stars.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[43.11] Physical Properties of White Dwarfs Paired with Luminous Secondaries (III, IV, V; A, F, G, K)

S. Vennes (CEA/UCB), J. R. Thorstensen (Dartmouth), D. Christian (CEA/UCB)

We provide new orbital parameters, obtained using the Lick Observatory Hamilton echelle, for a sample of WD+MS binaries detected in the EUVE\/ all-sky survey (HR 8210, HD 217411, BD+08 102, HD 18131, HR 1608, HD 33959C). These objects comprise a hot white dwarf star, the source of much of the detected EUV emission, and a luminous secondary star (i.e., A V, F V, G V, G III, KIV). We derive a mass function for the white dwarf star as well as atmospheric parameters using IUE\/ spectrophotometry and EUV photometry. These binaries offer new insights into the origin and evolution of white dwarf stars and also constrain binary evolution scenarios: we find in particular that two objects in the sample present short orbital periods indicative of past interaction. This work is supported by NASA grant NAG5-2405 and NASA contract NAS5-30180.

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