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Session 39 - Observing with HST.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[39.02] Observing with HST II: A New Graphical Program Editor for RPS2

A. Krueger, A. Roman, D. Asson (STScI)

During HST's 5th observing cycle, the Remote Proposal Submission System (RPS2) significantly improved the observing program development process. RPS2 will continue to provide insight into the schedulability windows, detailed timing, and feasibility of an observing program. For cycle 6, two major capabilities have been added to RPS2, a graphical program editor and support for coordinated parallel observations.

The program editor was developed to simplify the program preparation process. A major feature of this editor is to prevent observers from entering incorrect specifications, thus reducing the amount of program editing required. This is accomplished by providing a menu-based graphical editor. Many of the program editor's menus not only provide lists of valid selections, but also lists of invalid selections with explanations describing why the selection is invalid.

RPS2 will also support coordinated parallel observations. These observations significantly increase the science return by allowing observers to use two of HST's science instruments simultaneously.

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