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Session 38 - Electronic Journals and Other AAS Web Services.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[38.03] Usage Statistics of the Electronic ApJ Letters

D. Kovalsky (AAS)

The Astrophysical Journal Letters issues have been regularly posted for general availability on the AAS WWW site since September 26, 1995. Since the announcement of the on-line production version of this journal, the usage has been outstanding. We have systematically monitored the user's access to the journal site in order to evaluate the interest in features which are offered by the electronic presentation. The changes in usage following the public announcement of this journal will be demonstrated and patterns of usage evaluated.

The techniques and tools presently used to monitor electronic access will be described, and the possibilities for future development of these tools to gather additional interesting data will be discussed. In addition, the system requirements for moving the Journal from a publically available status, to a subscription/access status will be explored.

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