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Session 38 - Electronic Journals and Other AAS Web Services.
Display session, Tuesday, January 16
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[38.01] The Electronic ApJ Letters

P. B. Boyce (AAS)

In its 100th year, the Astrophysical Journal has gone to electronic publication of the Letters section. Starting with the July, 1995, issues the full text of the Letters can be found at The electronic journal is published every 10 days and comes out one month before the issue date of the paper version.

The special features of the electronic version include linking to the abstracts of the astronomical literature through the Astrophysics Data System, a strong search engine, easy navigation within the electronic version and forward referencing. These features and other functionality, which has been added as a result of reader feedback, make the electronic ApJ Letters the most effective scholarly journal on the World Wide Web today.

As of January, 1996, a new version of the Letters with even more functionality will be made available and will be demonstrated at the San Antonio meeting.

Future plans are to bring the full Astrophysical Journal plus the Supplements on line by January 1997. At that point 40 percent of the world's astronomical literature will be available electronicaly.

Remember, user's comments will help to shape the future directions of the electronic journals.

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