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Session 33 - Neutron Stars & White Dwarfs.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Salon del Rey South, Hilton

[33.01] Stellar Forensics: Cooling Ages for White Dwarf-Pulsar Binaries

B. M. S. Hansen (Caltech)

We construct the first extensive grid of models of low mass white dwarfs with Helium cores, using the latest opacities and equations of state supplemented by our own calculations. Such stars are formed in interacting binaries when the white dwarf progenitor overflows its Roche lobe before core Helium ignition. In particular we apply our models to 5 white dwarf-pulsar binaries. This yields two estimates of the age of each system from the pulsar timing age and the white dwarf cooling age. Thus we can constrain white dwarf masses, pulsar initial periods and pulsar magnetic field decay times.

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