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Session 28 - Working Group on Astronomical Imaging Technology.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Salon del Rey North, Hilton

[28.02] GNAT: A Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes

D. L. Crawford (GNAT, Inc.)

Astronomical resources are increasingly directed toward development of very large telescopes, and many facilities are compelled to cease operations of smaller telescopes. A real concern is emerging with respect to issues of access to astronomical imaging systems for the majority of astronomers who will have little or no opportunity to work with the larger telescopes. Further concern is developing with regard to the means for conducting observationally intensive fundamental astronomical imaging programs, such as surveys, monitoring, and standards calibration. One attractive potential solution is a global network of (automated) astronomical telescopes (GNAT). Initial steps have been taken to turn this network into a reality. GNAT has been incorporated as a nonprofit corporation, membership drives have begun and several institutions have joined. The first two open GNAT meetings have now been held to define hardware and software systems, and an order has been placed for the first of the GNAT automated telescopes. In this presentation we discuss the goals and status of GNAT and its implications for astronomical imaging.

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